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Calfskin Leather

We recommend keeping your leather products in their original felt, in a ventilated area when not in use for better preservation.

It is best to limit the exposure of abrasive materials, as repeated contact may cause scratches and worn grain. Prolonged exposure to elements such as water, oil, or any alcohol-based solutions may provoke unwanted damage or premature wear.

Overtime, you may notice patina, softening, wrinkles, natural marks, or veins on our leather goods as an implication of genuine materials used.

Sterling Silver (925)

Remove your jewelry when you bathe, swim or intensely exercise to maintain its quality and shine. Avoid spraying perfumes and applying creams or any other liquids directly onto your jewelry. Be sure to store your sterling silver jewelry in a dry, cool place. In hot climates, it should be kept in an air-conditioned room. Avoid keeping jewelry boxes in bathrooms, as the moist, warm air can compromise the brilliance of your sterling. Avoid using a silver cloth on 18k gold platted sterling silver, as it will remove the gold plating off.

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