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Nº5 | Above The Roots Collection

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The flowers, symbolic of new beginnings and self-discovery, weave a narrative of the strength and beauty that comes from embracing change. Within this collection, emotions take shape in the form of nature’s wonders—passion, purity, hope, and the renewal of the human spirit—creating a symphony that mirrors the complexity of life.

Just as petals endure, transform, and emerge stronger, we too navigate life's transitions with grace and fortitude. Adversity becomes a canvas for acceptance, and the shifting tides of life are embraced with unwavering courage.

This poetic odyssey delves deep into profound emotions that define the human experience, each piece a testament to our journey. Through the language of flowers, we find solace, understanding, and a connection to the ever-changing tapestry of existence.

Dipped in 18k gold, brushed with an antique finish.

Hand-Dipped in California


Base Metal:
Sterling Silver (925)

18k Gold Dipped

Brushed Antique Finish

6.35 mm

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